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July 1

I was a bit late last night - only about 15 minutes - and I slept fairly well, considering how hot it was. I opened one of the front windows in the bedroom and that helped a lot, because my ceiling fan is broken. I don't understand it. I used it all one summer, and the next summer when I turned it on, nothing happened. I sort of wonder if maybe some critter got into the attic and chewed a wire, but I have no way of checking that. And my other fan is in the basement, and well...


Anyway, I got up around 9:00 and I tried to knit. I wanted to knit at least three rows, maybe four, but I had a terrible time, dropping a lot of stitches. That was partly because I couldn't see anything even though it was very bright in the bathroom with the sun shining in.


I didn't do the task of the day. I guess it was partly because there was a lot of stuff to read, but I also spent a long time on the phone with Schwan's. I never got a receipt for my order of last Friday and it was never charged to my credit card. The person I talked to had no reason why. It was a confusing conversation anyway because i was looking at the wrong order and I thought there was something I didn't get and didn't order. We got that straight eventually, and they've finally debited my credit card. I still haven't gotten a receipt.


That was an interesting fifteen minutes or so. I got an email that said some charges had been attempted to "my account" and of course I panicked and followed the link, but then I got to thinking about it (after I put in my account name and password, of course) and when I looked at the header information, it was clearly a phishing attempt. Sooo...I have just spent several minutes changing my login ID and password for the bank and updating it in two browsers. I think it's safe now, but I'll be checking very carefully for a while. It's what I hate about the internet. 


Two browsers? I use both Firefox and Brave, since Chase doesn't support IE anymore. I think I like Brave better, but I'm still not decided. I won't use Chrome because that's Google and I don't think Edge runs on Windows 7, but I understand it's the least private of all the browsers, so I wouldn't use it, either. Brave is supposed to be the most private, but it's sort of clunky for someone who has been using IE for 25 years. Anyway, onward.


It's hot. Well - it's hot depending upon where the wind is from. At noon, the temperature was 85, but then the wind shifted north and at 1:00 it was 69 and it got down to 61 before it began to recover and it went up to 85 again at 6:00 PM.  It's cooling off some now, but it's still warm. There wasn't much wind at all, actually, but it was mostly from the southwest. It was sort of clear, but there were thin high clouds. The humidity was tolerable - under 50% for a while - but the barometer is still quite low.


it was a shorts and tank kind of day and I had iced tea for breakfast. Actually, I had a whole pot of tea. I have a lovely blue Rockingham teapot that I haven't used very much - I rarely make that much tea - and I filled it up and added a little honey. It was wonderful, but I spent the afternoon walking between the studio and the powder room. What goes in must come out...


I also had to go out to the breezeway because I was running out of incontinent pads, but I wasn't out there for long and I still haven't opened the box with the hall thingie in it. It's just too hot to be working in the hallway right now. I'll get at it as soon as it cools off, which I hope it will.


The kitties are walking around slowly with their tails down and lying stretched out on the bare floor. They don't like this weather any better than I do. Grayson spent a few minutes on my lap, but mostly he's been sitting on the cart behind me.


So now I'm later than I wanted to be, because I have to take a bath. When it's this hot, I much prefer to take my bath at night so I'm as cool as possible when I go to bed. I am thinking about just wearing panties and a vest to sleep in, instead of a nightie, but I'll see how I feel when I get out of the shower. Oh, shower sounds so good! I'm so sticky and icky. Any time I do anything, I sweat and it leaves me so sticky.


IT's a sort of clear, warm night in the field, and it's July. Sigh.


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